We believe in building up great leaders by working on attitude, authenticity and ambition. We're passionate about developing charismatic personalities who can lead to amazing results that will push our civilisation forward. We are Stefan Gliesche Leadership Training, and we're ready for our next challenge.

Our Expertise: Building up Leadership Skills

Developing business leaders into their peak performance is our core competence. Through inspiring workshops, highly effective coaching and training on the job sessions we transfer knowledge into abilities and build up powerful skills to lead, to communicate, to motivate.


Stefan Gliesche: Qianlead Coach

„I believe that good leaership can change the world – the little one of every single employee, but also the big one for all of us by guiding teams to create amazing products and services: because it's the manager who is responsible for creating an environment, in which everyone can live up to his full potentiality. Good leadership starts with a clear vision, is anchored in authenticity, and executed with skill. And yes, it can be learned.“

Dolce Vita Business Plan Profile

Dolce Vita Business Plan Training System

Developing leadership skills that will bring a manager's approach and career vision in perfect harmony with the company's business needs and growth strategy is the scope of the Dolce Vita Business Plan. Starting from the manager's individual personality on the one side and the company's vision and culture on the other, they will build up the attitude and skills to reach peak performance in leadership.